Putting Ghost – Line Tracer (4)

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  • Create a ‘ghost’ golf ‘hole’ on any spot on the practice green
  • Practice on any slope & distance from the ‘hole’
  • Made of ultrathin sillicon – the ball will roll over so you can see if your speed is correct
  • Use multiple ghost holes to setup the ideal track for your putt by placing them on your intended line
  • Using the ghost holes will improve your understanding putting breaks & ability to read greens
  • You can also use the ghost hole as a target – place alongside the actual hole and use is as your aim point
  • Use on the practice green or at home

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The Pure2Improve Ghost Holes are the perfect Golf training tool to improve on your understanding of putting breaks and the ability to read greens.

You can create a ‘ghost’ Golf hole on any spot on the practice green. The Ghost Holes can also be used a target, simply place alongside the actual hole and use it as your aim point.

The Putting Ghost Holes are made from a high-quality and durable Silicon material, the Golf ball will roll over which allows you to see if your speed is correct. Use the Putting trainer at home, in the garden or on the practice green.