Practice Cup

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Sinking breaking putts is all about visualising the right line. The Pure2Improve Practice Cup is perfect training aid to help improve your putting ability, but also have fun anywhere at anytime! The Practice cup’s unique horseshoe shape forces players to hit to the high side of the hole, and can be used as an extra practice cup. The Pure2Improve Practice Cup specifically helps players improve the accuracy of their line and speed on putts of all lengths. The Practice Cup seamlessly fits in a standard golf hole and because it has a 2.75 inch opening, it forces the player to make putts in the high side. It includes 1x Putt Pocket and x1 Base Weight.

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One of the biggest advantages of using the Pure2Improve Training Cup is that due to how the hole opening is smaller than a standard hole, when you go to put out on the course, the hole will appear larger due to all your practice, which will make putting seem a lot easier!

It is perfect for practising at home or office as the Practise cup weights only weighs 280g and is conveniently sized, making it easy to be transported. You can also use the Practice cup  on a crowded practice green.

  • Fits inside standard golf hole
  • Can improve the accuracy of line and speed on putts of all lengths
  • Small hole opening makes real holes appear larger once the player is out on the course
  • Perfect target for practicing at home or office
  • Unique horseshoe shape forces players to hit to the high side of the hole