Orange Whip Junior

21.990 kr.

The Junior was designed specifically for junior golfers, and is ideal for developing the fundamentals of the golf swing that can be maintained for the rest of your life.  Simulates the full golf swing for junior golfers.

  • Lighter weight, smaller grip, and shorter length
  • Patented, counterbalanced, flexible shaft swing system that cannot be copied
  • Trains your swing to stay on plane, balanced, and in rhythm
  • The perfect warm-up before your play or practice and during the offseason
  • Coordinates your upper and lower body to develop a consistent, powerful golf swing
  • Maximizes core golf fitness, strength, flexibility, and coordination
  • Provides instant feedback that you can feel and correct
  • Suggested age range: 6-12
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Patented Design

Three key components make up the patented design of the Orange Whip Junior.

  • Patented Counterbalance
    • The patented Orange Whip counterbalance provides the necessary feedback to train your swing to stay on plane, balanced, and powerful. Swing it next to the others and you can feel the difference immediately.  The counterbalance stabilizes your swing from the start through the finish.  It’s essential in providing critical, immediate feedback on whether your golf swing is on plane and if you are loading and unloading the golf club properly.
  • Weighted Orange Ball
    • The orange ball replaces the club head and allows you to focus on swinging naturally without worrying about the position of the club face. It’s weighted to promote a fluid swinging motion rather than a jerky hitting motion.
  • Flexible, Whippy Shaft
    • The flexible shaft allows you to create lag in your golf swing as you keep the club on plane through impact. All great player create lag which creates power and distance.

Instant Feedback

Any wobble in your swing indicates a need to improve tempo, balance, and swing plane. Receive instant feedback that you can feel and correct with each swing.

Train Your Athletic Golf Swing And Get Ready To Play

The proprietary flexible shaft coordinates the rhythm between your arms, upper body, and lower body. Swing over and over to develop your own tempo and balanced swing for consistent shots on the golf course. Warm-up and get loose and get ready to play or practice.

Made In The USA

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