Impact Bag

6.490 kr.

  • Develops Correct Swing Muscle Memory
  • Will develop Distance in your swing
  • Eliminates ‘Fat’ & ‘Thin’ shots
  • Great Training tool for beginners/intermediate
  • Perfectly Safe for your Clubs
  • Includes Ground Stakes
  • Size: 24×26.5x9cm

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Pure2Improve’s impact bag is a must have piece of equipment for golfers trying to improve their swing and home practice. Unfortunately, access to driving ranges isn’t always viable and practicing in the garden can either result in a lot of divots or lost practice balls. Pure2Improves impact bag remedies this by being a quick and easily assembled product. The impact bag is made from a heavy-duty, high-impact material that quickly fills with towels or clothes (not included). The impact bag is perfectly safe for your clubs, it wont cause scratching or damage.

What the Impact Bag offer customers is the ability to learn the feel of the correct clubface impact. It also allows you to develop correct muscle memory for a repeatable swing. It promotes consistent impact position for added distance and it also helps to eliminate ‘fat’ and ‘thin’ shots. Due to the material, the Impact Bag provides visual feedback on the quality and accuracy of the impact of your swing, which helps you gage areas you may need improve. Its an ideal training tool for the beginner / intermediate golfer