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Providing both skilled amateurs and tour players with greater accuracy and consistent ball striking, the Srixon Z-FORGED Irons provide a muscle back blade offering with a knife-like address profile for maximum workability.

Srixon Custom Offering

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Forged from single billets of soft 1020 carbon steel, players will enjoy the exceptional feel and slim address profile of this collection of impressive forged golf clubs. The extensive custom-fit shaft and grip offer high quality and consistent performance for all golfers.

If you’re looking for a forged golf club that offers consistent ball striking, accurate distances, and achieves the desired trajectory whilst staying versatile on the course, Srixon’s Z-FORGED Irons are ideal. What’s more, golfers will enjoy the sleek design of these clubs, and the fact that these clubs look enviable in any bag.

We recommend that forged iron golf clubs are used by either highly skilled amateurs or tour players due to the design of the clubs and how this in turn can affect your game. If you hit the sweet spot of the club head, you can expect to benefit from a fantastic, powerful and incredibly smooth feeling at impact. Miss this sweet spot, and your hands will receive significant feedback from the club. This is important to consider if you feel you want to make a move to forged irons from cast irons.

If, however, you are looking to improve your game, Srixon’s Z-FORGED Irons are a great challenge, and as you progress, you will no doubt become addicted to the seamless play these clubs provide.

Muscle Back Blade
A classic, forged blade shape optimised for maximum workability and unmatched feel at impact. Enjoy ultimate precision with this full back club head.

Updated Tour V.T. Sole
A newly redesigned Tour V.T. Sole provides even more consistent ball striking across a variety of turf conditions, while maintaining enough versatility to execute any shot. The rounded-out heel and toe also help to provide better distance control.

Forged Construction
A body forged from a single billet of soft 1020 carbon steel offers less vibration and a better feel through impact. Also, more compact in size than other irons.