Traxion Wrap Undersize

2.150 kr.

  • Extremely Durable
  • It’s soft, tacky and stable.
  • Offers great feedback.

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  • Traxion™ Control: An advanced surface texture that improves feedback and tack. “X-shaped” Traxion treads are placed strategically around the grip to enhance feel and comfort.
  • Torsional Performance: A multi-layer grip construction that delivers total performance. A soft, tacky outer layer offers extreme grip, while a firm rubber inner core provides the stability and feedback golfers need to play their best.
  • GeoSpeed Channels: Deep, wrap-style channels that are geometrically designed to help golfers minimize grip pressure so they can transfer speed more effectively at impact.
  • Taper Control Technology: A tour-inspired profile with minimal taper that helps golfers even their hand pressure so they can swing faster and square the clubface more naturally.