Smartphone Mount FINN Golf

2.590 kr.

The universal smartphone mount. For every smartphone.

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For every smartphone. Due to its elastic silicone, the Finn Smartphone holder is for every Smartphone.

High quality silicone. Made of strong silicone, the Finn is even tested by -20 °C!

Solid as a rock! No matter what terrain, the Finn stays put!

Made in Austria. To keep our quality standards high and deliver the best service, Finn is made in the heart of Europe; Austria!

AS EASY AS ONE, TWO, THREE. The best part is yet to come, its simplicity:

Step 1
Put Finn onto the handlebar and pull the smaller end through the slit.

Step 2
Now hold it while pulling the large end under the handlebar and towards you.

Step 3
Stretch the straps and pull them over the corners of your smartphone.

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