Reversible Webbing Belt

4.990 kr.

Golf is a game of traditions, including the clothes you wear out on the course. This reversible webbing belt from adidas taps into the traditional style of the game while letting you choose a look to match your outfit. Crafted from durable plain weave, it’s quick to adjust and secure a comfortable fit for your round.

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This product is made with at least 50% recycled materials. By reusing materials that have already been created, we help to reduce waste and our reliance on finite resources and reduce the footprint of the products we make.

Dimensions: 3.75 cm x 121.75 cm
100% recycled polyester plain weave
Adjustable clamp closure
Removable buckle
Reversible strap

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Blk/Grey2, CoNav/Gr4, Gr3/White, Prloi/Gree, Sel/Ivory