Grippp Fit – MRH

4.490 kr.

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  • Perfect grip & fit
  • Maximum grip & touch
  • Ultimate Grip in dry, humid & wet conditions
  • Extra thin, smooth & sweat-free kangaroo leather
  • Stretch-fit construction
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With the GRIPPP FIT you can be sure of a perfect fit and grip. Thanks to the innovative stretch-fit construction in combination with the extra-thin and smooth kangaroo leather the GRIPPP FIT becomes an almost glove-free experience. Of course the kangaroo leather was tanned with the HIRZL GRIPPPTM technology. As a special feature, the glove is equipped with a microfleece thumb wipe for a quick ball or glasses cleaning.


  • PALM – Kangaroo leather / Lycra
  • BACKHAND – Kangaroo leather / Lycra
  • COMPOSITION – 45% Nylon / 35% Leather / 20% Polyurethane

Please do not machine wash, as the leather can be damaged. This glove can easily be hand washed in cold water only, without the addition of detergent or conditioner. Please never dry your gloves on a radiator or in direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry.

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