ChipR LE

31.990 kr.

Custom-engineered for women golfers in search of more confidence around the green. The ChipR Le combines elements of a putter and a wedge to improve performance and lower scores without fear of mis-hitting shots.

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Bump and Run

With 38.5° loft (between a women’s 8/9-iron) and a 34″ shaft, golfers apply a putting-like stroke to achieve distance control and consistency without fear of mis-hitting shots. Recommended for shots within 40 yards of the green from the rough or fringe.
ChipR LE addressing ball in grass

Forgiving Design

The investment-cast, 431 stainless steel head is perimeter weighted for forgiveness, offers a composite cavity badge, and its hydropearl chrome finish repels water. Available to be custom fit for length, loft and lie (10 colour codes).
Cavity view of ChipR LE

Cambered Sole

The cambered sole allows for a smooth transition through the rough and fringe for maximum versatility and consistency. A shallow face height (between putter and wedge), helps ensure reliable contact and performance.
Face view of ChipR LE

MicroMax Grooves

Precision-milled MicroMax grooves (tighter spacing, more grooves), increase ball contact to maintain spin for consistent trajectories and control on chips of every length. The compact profile inspires confidence.
Address view of ChipR LE

Lighter Shafts and Grip

PING’s proprietary ULT250 Lite and Ultra Lite premium graphite shafts are standard throughout the G Le3 metal woods and irons to bring down the overall club weight while helping generate more clubhead speed and higher launch. The lighter Lamkin ST Soft grip is softer and more comfortable.
G Le3 Grip and Shaft
ChipR Le 38.5°degrees 34″ 70.0°degrees 0.10″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 8.0°degrees D6


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