Biom C4 BOA

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Feel fresh all summer in the new ECCO GOLF BIOM® C4, which blends breathable comfort with innovative performance and a contemporary, sneaker-style aesthetic. Some of ECCO’s most advanced technologies are used in the next generation of ECCO’s BIOM® COOL PRO. The updated BIOM® fit encourages natural movement while the TPU posts on the outside add stability. For 360-degree breathability and 100% waterproofing, the men’s hybrid golf shoe has a GORE-TEX SURROUND construction, which is combined with an ECCO EXHAUST GRID that enables air ventilation towards the sole of your foot. The progressive ECCO MTN GRIP outsole has three different sections providing traction, stability and rotational support. Crafted from ECCO Performance Leather, the ECCO GOLF BIOM® C4 also comes with a new, super-stretchy mesh sock for comfort and an easy in and out.

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  1. BIOM® NATURAL MOTION Technology delivers low-to-the-ground, anatomical support, encouraging natural movement and offering stability and control
  2. ECCO EXHAUST GRID and GORE-TEX SURROUND are combined for 360-degree breathability and 100% waterproofing
  3. ECCO MTN GRIP has three different sections providing traction, stability and rotational support throughout the swing


  • ECCO FLUIDFORM Direct Comfort Technology
    • Ensures a finely tuned balance of cushioning and rebound
    • Creates an integral, flexible and durable bond without the compromises common with conventionally stitched and/or glued assemblies
  • Built on ECCO’s updated BIOM® last that is based on the natural shape and movement of the foot
    • Anatomical fit to support the natural form of your foot, with an embracing, glove-like fit
    • Reduced seam construction for lightweight flexibility
    • Low-to-the-ground sole structure provides a natural position for the foot and excellent ground responsiveness, encouraging natural movement and offering stability and control
  • ECCO EXHAUST GRID, with large, angled openings that enable air ventilation directly to the sole of the foot while allowing heat and moisture to escape
  • Innovative ECCO MTN GRIP has three different zones
    • Heel area – for heel traction and ground force stability
    • middle part – providing traction and ground penetration
    • front – offering rotational support throughout the swing
  • Wider outsole than the ECCO BIOM® COOL PRO maximizes ground interaction and connection
  • TPU posts on the outside for stability


  • ECCO Performance Leather, developed in our own tanneries, brings durability, comfort and performance
  • Embossed leather detailing adds to the modern aesthetic
  • GORE-TEX Surround offers 100% waterproof protection and 360-degree breathability, helping to keep your foot dry and comfortable
  • Extremely stretchy mesh sock construction supplies comfort as well as an easy in and out
  • New design, with a thicker midsole and colour blocks on the sides, for a sneaker-style aesthetic
  • Breathable OrthoLite® insole offers long-term cushioning and can be removed for extra width

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