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Srixon’s ZX5 Irons combine pioneering ball speed technology with a premium forged feel and delivers all of it in a forgiving yet workable chassis that’s razor sharp at address. If it’s striking design and explosive speed you’re looking for, you’ll find all that and even more in the ZX5 Irons.

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The ZX5 Irons from Srixon are your ultimate set, offering forgiveness where it counts, control where you need it, soft forged feel, and explosive distance. The ZX5 Irons feature Srixon’s new Main Frame technology, which is a one-of-a-kind face design that promises increased ball speed with every shot. This technology is presented through the club’s artificially intelligent design, whereby a variable thickness has been worked into the backside of the iron faces. Combined human and machine learning are what define these irons, and after 2 years of vigorous testing and refining we have brought you these exceptional irons to give you total control over your game.

Providing golfers with the ultimate set of clubs that give you total control and incredible distance unlike any other, it’s time to take your game from cautious to confident with the ZX5 Irons. Don’t believe us? Feel it for yourself – the proof is in every swing.

Main frame
A milled pattern on the backside of each ZX5 Iron face maximizes COR for more ball speed and more distance on every shot. This technology has been tried, tested and refined by both human intelligence and AI, creating Srixon’s fastest driving irons to date.

Progressive Grooves
Grooves in the 8i through PW are sharper, narrower, and deeper for more spin and stopping power on approach shots into the green. The 4i-7i have wider grooves, which present consistency on longer shots, in all kinds of conditions.

Tour V.T. Sole
V-Shaped soles glide smoothly through turf, even if you strike slightly behind the ball. ZX5 Irons also feature the resurgence of our popular sole notches.

Multi-Piece Construction
Tungsten in the toe of ZX5’s long and mid driving irons (4i-7i) increases MOI for more stability and forgiveness. A forged SUP10 face enhances speed and distance while a forged 1020 Carbon Steel body absorbs vibrations for an extremely soft feel.

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