XXIO X Fairway

59.990 kr.

X Fairway Woods are a premium set of woods that helps more accomplished golfers experience easier golf due to a lightweight construction and powerful cup face.

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Weight Plus
Brass and rubber weights in the butt-end of each club raise balance points to unprecedented heights. The effect is a smooth and easy swing that also helps you consistently find the ideal top-of-swing position for more power.

Cup face
A uniquely shaped weight pad in the XXIO X-eks Woods and Hybrids resembles a cannon. The weight is there to provide the ideal launch characteristics for carry distance and roll out but its distinctive cannon shape allows for up to 4mm of additional Cup Face along the sole and an extra 7mm of extremely thin sole area.

Cannon Sole
With zero compromise to launch angle or forgiveness, the Cannon Sole provides more speed and more distance, especially for shots hit low on the face.

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