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T300 Irons by Titleist


With 40% more tungsten and advanced Max Impact Technology, the new T300 can improve your launch, distance and shot making while providing maximum forgiveness. All in a premium chrome head with the size and shape to give you the confidence to play your best golf.

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  • High-launching distance
  • Enhanced forgiveness
  • Improved feel
  • Premium look


  • 40% more tungsten (D18 density)
  • New Max Impact technology
  • Variable face design
  • Chrome plated
T300 Max Impact Technology

Muscle Under The Hood

Locked behind the T300 face lies a hidden power source. Our improved Max Impact technology now includes an enhanced polymer core that improves both the feel and mass efficiency of the club at impact, giving you more ball speed and better feedback.

T300 Tungsten Weighting

Better Tungsten For Better Results

New T300 irons not only feature 40% more tungsten, but denser D18 tungsten made viable by a 2000ºF brazing process applied from aerospace construction. This kind of premium production, normally reserved for Tour irons, leads to a solid-feeling, advanced design that produces the optimal balance of speed, launch and forgiveness.

T300 Face Composition

Thinner Where It Counts

Proving that every detail matters, T300 now employs a variable face thickness design that is thinner towards the heel in the long and mid irons to improve performance at what is traditionally one of the least effective strike points. So even when you miss, you don’t.

Mitsubishi Tensei AV Red AM2

Mitsubishi Tensei AV Red AM2

Flex Weight Torque Launch
L 48 – 48 – 56g 4.6 – 3.3° High
A 55 – 55 – 63g 4.4 – 3.0° High
R 57 – 57 – 65g 4.5 – 3.0° High
S 60 – 60 – 68g 4.5 – 2.9° High
Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 White Flat Cap

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 White Flat Cap

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