Soft Feel Yellow (3)

1.390 kr.

The new 11th generation Soft Feel is built for golfers who want to maximize distance and control with an exceptional feeling golf ball. The soft cover, innovative core, and new dimple pattern create total performance from tee to green.

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Softer Cover
Get more control around the greens with a soft, thin cover.

Energetic Gradient Growth Core
Optimize your launch conditions with the E.G.G. Core. Softer in the center and firmer on the outside, it launches high off the tee with low spin for added distance.

Speed Dimples
The 338 Speed Dimple Pattern cuts through the wind for straighter, more accurate distance.

  • Construction: 2pc
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Cover Thickness: 0.063”
  • Compression: 60
  • Dimple number: 338