Srixon Shoe Bag Black

5.990 kr.

The Srixon golf shoe bag makes storing and carrying your shoes easy. As golf shoes are typically changed into when you arrive at the course, this handy accessory means you needn’t worry about juggling shoes – our bag’s grab handle allows for a quick grab and go.

There’s a dual zipper main compartment for your shoes, plus a smaller storage pouch at the front which is useful for items such as spare laces or golf tees.

Aside from storage, our golf shoe bag is also ideal for containing any mud and/or grass picked up from the course. Although many clubs will have a brush or similar in the locker room, our shoe bag will ensure that no dirt is transferred into your car or golf bag.

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  • Grab Handle
  • Dual zipper main compartment
  • Dual zipper front pocket for small storage
  • Customization logo panel
  • Size 12″x8.5″x19″
  • 0.4 kg