Distance (3)

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This premium Distance golf ball has higher initial velocity, a softer compression compared to the previous model and a penetrating ball flight to provide optimum distance with responsive soft feel.

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These golf balls are highly resilient with more technology packed into their round dimpled frame. With 108 less dimples than the previous Srixon distance golf balls, the speed dimples reduce drag and increase lift giving you more than you could ever imagine in any wind conditions. Created to offer high initial velocity on every shot with high launch angle, you can discover greater distance with a more responsive lightweight feel. Suitable for high handicap golfers.

Srixon Distance are premium distance golf balls and they offer higher initial velocity and a penetrating golf ball flight for greater distance. A responsive light feel and exceptional durability make it ideal for those with a swing speed of 80mph or greater.

  • 2-Piece ball
  • Aerodynamically superior 324 speed dimple configuration provides a true and penetrating trajectory.
  • Higher initial velocity for distance and responsive light feel for control.
  • Highly resilient ionomer cover provides longer drives and exceptional cut proof durability.
  • Energetic Gradient Growth core with soft compression for high velocity shots.
  • Construction: 2pc
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Cover Thickness: 0.09”
  • Compression: 89
  • Dimple number: 324