Z Cart Bag

36.990 kr.

Durable, 14-way top bag with a stability control base for easy fit on any cart. Featuring eight conveniently placed pockets, there is plenty of storage space to fit all your golfing equipment and accessories.

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The 9” 14-way divider top offers the ultimate in golf club organisation, and the 8 conveniently placed pockets, one of which has a magnetic fastening, provide plenty of storage for all your personal items and golf equipment. There’s also a separate cooler pocket, plus 2 velour-lined pouches for storing valuables.

The insulated umbrella compartment is an ideal extra for all-weather golfers, and the cart strap containment section will ensure your clubs remain secure when riding around the course.

You can also trust that your golf cart will remain upright on even surfaces with its ergonomic rubber foot pad with stability control base. You may choose to remove or keep the ball pocket on the z-cart bag too, which offers golfers the customisation needed in order to have your golfing essentials for the day in one place. This golf bag weighs in at 2.9kg empty.

  • 9” 14-way top
  • Two velour-lined valuables pocket
  • 8 conveniently placed pockets with one magnetic pocket
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Cart strap containment compartment
  • Insulated umbrella compartment
  • Ergonomic rubber foot pads with stability control base
  • Detachable ball pocket for customisation
  • Weight 2.9KG

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