Landon Mitts

6.990 kr.

These mitts are perfect for golf in cold and windy conditions when you need to keep your hands warm in between shots. Featured with velcro for easy attachment onto the golf trolley.

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  • This garment is totally windproof
  • Designed with excellent breathability properties
  • Details – Warming effect #3
  • Technology – INTERFACE-3

High-performance golf wear featuring INTERFACE-1™ technology for optimum protection and ultimate comfort when playing golf in windy conditions. Soft materials with high breathability as well as totally windproof and water repellent properties. The warming effect #3 INTERFACE-1™ garments are designed with customized features that give the garment exceptional warming properties. Designed for more golf.

Core features

  • Advanced windproof protection blocks all wind
  • Water repellent
  • Highly breathable. Enables the release of excess heat and moisture
  • Body mapping system for exceptional warming properties

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