I230 Stál

31.990 kr.

Hit your yardages precisely with this Tour-proven, players-style iron that delivers consistent, predictable distance control and tight dispersion. An activated elastomer insert creates discretionary weight to lower the CG for more distance while enhancing feel and sound in conjunction with a multi-material badge. A more rounded lead edge ensures smooth turf interaction for clean strikes. Available in 3-9, PW, UW.

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  • exploded illustration of i230 iron

    Premium Feel, Sound

    A consistently more pleasing feel and sound in every iron result from a four-layer cavity badge that damps undesirable frequencies, working in concert with a soft elastomer insert behind the badge in the 431 stainless steel head.
  • illustration of i230 iron cross-section

    Low CG, Higher MOI

    Activated elastomer saves significant weight that is re-allocated to achieve a low CG for more distance and (with tungsten toe and tip weights) increase forgiveness. The elastomer reinforces the face, providing more consistent bending and energy transfer to generate a higher, stronger ball flight.
  • toe view of i230 iron

    Rounded Lead Edge

    The sole design is similar to the tour-proven i210, with a more rounded lead edge and ample bounce to promote smooth turf interaction for clean, solid ball striking.
  • Glide 2.0 Wedge Grooves Illustration

    MicroMax Grooves

    Precision-milled MicroMax grooves deliver consistent launch and spin for accuracy in the long irons and greater control in the short irons and wedges, especially in wet conditions where the grooves and hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish ensure low launch angles with high spin.
  • Comparison of 4-iron and 7-iron at address

    Compact Long Irons

    For consistent clubface delivery and greater accuracy in the long irons, the 3-5 irons are slightly more compact than i210, while the mid and short irons are similar blade lengths, creating a tour-preferred look across the set. Pictured above are the 4-iron (left), and 7-iron.
  • Illustration of ball flights showing uniform gapping

    Consistent Gapping

    The i230 delivers predictable and repeatable distance with the control and playability to hit precise yardages, ensuring the gapping consistency expected of a players-style iron.
  • Dynamic Gold 105 and Alta CB Black shafts

    Custom-Fit Shafts

    A variety of shafts are available, including the mid-launching True Temper DG 105 in steel, and the PING ALTA CB Black graphite, which delivers a mid-to-high launch with stability and a consistent feel.
3-iron 39″ 19.0°degrees 19.0°degrees 21.0°degrees 59.0°degrees 0.20″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 5.0°degrees D1
4-iron 38 1/2″1/2 22.5°degrees 22.0°degrees 24.5°degrees 59.8°degrees 0.17″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 6.0°degrees D1
5-iron 38″ 26.0°degrees 25.0°degrees 28.0°degrees 60.5°degrees 0.14″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 7.0°degrees D1
6-iron 37 1/2″1/2 29.5°degrees 28.0°degrees 31.5°degrees 61.3°degrees 0.12″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 8.0°degrees D1
7-iron 37″ 33.0°degrees 31.5°degrees 35.0°degrees 62.0°degrees 0.09″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 9.0°degrees D1
8-iron 36 1/2″1/2 37.0°degrees 35.5°degrees 39.0°degrees 62.8°degrees 0.07″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 10.5°degrees D1
9-iron 36″ 41.0°degrees 40.0°degrees 43.0°degrees 63.5°degrees 0.05″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 12.0°degrees D1.5
PW 35 1/2″1/2 45.0°degrees 44.5°degrees 47.0°degrees 64.1°degrees 0.03″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 13.0°degrees D2
UW 35 1/2″1/2 50.0°degrees 49.5°degrees 52.0°degrees 64.1°degrees 0.02″Ping.Clubs.Specs.Offset.Units 13.0°degrees D2

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