Soffft Pure – MLH

4.290 kr.

  • Á vinstri hönd
  • Pure cabretta leather
  • The newest generation cabretta
  • Unsurpassed Softness
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Extra thin & velvet-and-silk feel
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HIRZL has created the ultimate Tour Player performance glove. For the world’s top players, Cabretta leather gloves are the Gold Standard. All SOFFFT gloves are handcrafted and are produced with the highest quality Platinum Cabretta leather undergoing no less than 72 separate manufacturing steps. Thanks to the revolutionary HIRZL SOFFFTTM technology – which includes an tetra tanning process – our gloves will always offer you long-lasting top performance and remain soft & supple. The name of the SOFFFT PURE reflects the aim: From the palm to the backhand, even the closure – all is made from the finest & purest Cabretta leather.


  • PALM – Cabretta (sheepskin leather)
  • BACKHAND – Cabretta (sheepskin leather)
  • COMPOSITION – Leather 65% / Polyurethane 15% / Nylon 15% / Other fibres 5%

Please do not machine wash, as the leather can be damaged. This glove can easily be hand washed in cold water only, without the addition of detergent or conditioner. Please never dry your gloves on a radiator or in direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry.

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