Cabretta Booster Leather Balm

1.990 kr.

  • Pimp your cabretta & chevretta leather
  • As addition for the golf & eqeustrian Soffft glove series
  • Ultimate Grip in dry, humid & wet conditions
  • Maintain the leather
  • Extend the lifespan of your glove
  • 50 ml

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The CABRETTA BOOSTER is a leather balm, which provides you with additional grip on your Cabretta or Chevretta leather gloves. The Cabretta Booster does not only increase the performance of your gloves, it also maintain the leather and extend the lifespan of your gloves. (ATTENTION! DO NOT USE ON KANGAROO OR SYNTHETIC LEATHER!)

Please apply lightly and only on Cabretta or Chevretta leather. Rub in the balm on the palm one-handed with the fingers of the glove wearing hand (single gloves in Golf), or two-handed when you wearing a pair of gloves.