Genem Gore-Tex

27.990 kr.

A full grain leather European edition of Japan’s incredibly stable Genem golf shoe – fully waterproof and breathable courtesy of a GORE-TEX® membrane. Features the lace-free BOA closure system that tightens and loosens via a dial on the side. IG5 spikes can be tightened and released quickly and even re-aligned for direction. Combines soft-feeling PU insole with durable TPU outsole.

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  • BUILT ON MIZUNO’S WAVE RUNNING PLATFORM – Award-winning cushioning and stability trusted by runners worldwide.
  • GORE-TEX® WATERPROOF – New breathable membrane is durable and breathable – for all year-round versatility. With 2-year waterproof warranty
  • BOA CLOSURE SYSTEM- The Boa closure system makes it easier to tighten your shoe when playing and ensures a more comfortable fit. Nylon coated stainless steel is long lasting and will not stretch.
  • IG5 SPIKE TECHNOLOGY – Fast Twist universal spike with quick tightening and release system. Complete with wrench and 2 spare spikes.

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