Force Pedal bundle

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The #1 Ground Reaction Force Training Aid in Golf. Using the ground efficiently is a major key in producing club head speed. The Force Pedal provides the best feedback to train point of force application and timing of ground reaction forces. With our new SuperSpeed Force Pedal Protocol, you can improve your use of the ground and take your speed to the next level.

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Feel the proper movement… so you can learn to recruit the correct muscles and form in the golf swing. You need to know where your body is in space in order to maintain stability, and good stability is important in all levels of sports.

When you are most stable, you can perform more efficiently.
Whether you are an elite athlete, or a weekend warrior, an increase in proprioception using The Force Pedal or The Force Pedal mini, will take your training to another level.

Patented hexagon shape
Over the years the Force Pedal team researched and tested a variety of shapes and materials with the ultimate goal of increasing player performance in a biomechanically sound way. A collaboration between the #2 ranked golf coach, an Italian world renowned PHD in biomechanics and a French ground reaction force golf coach produced what has now become The Force Pedal: A training aid that allows every golfer at any level to use the ground properly.

The Force Pedal vs a Half Cut Tennis Ball
The Force Pedal was developed after many years of trying endless homemade methods, including a half cut tennis ball in the attempt to teach the feel of using the ground. The hollowed tennis ball, like other methods, wasn’t giving the same spring and proprioception of what the ground is giving back, losing the feel of ground reaction forces. The hexagon shape allows the bounce back action of the ground so you can easily feel the point of application and time your verticals.

1 Orange Soft Force Pedal and 1 Orange Soft Force Pedal Mini
The Orange soft force pedal is your introduction of how to feel to use the ground. It offers more stability, lessening the body’s postural and balance demands.

1 Yellow Firm Force Pedal and 1 Yellow Firm Force Pedal Mini

The Yellow firm force pedal offers an increase in stability/postural challenges making your muscles work harder and in a more advanced way.
Included: Full Digital Training Program designed by experts in Speed and Ground Reaction Forces. The program guides through drills improving how you use the ground in your speed training and swing.